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Curating spaces for intentional & inspired lifestyles. 



Designing a home is about so much more than paint colors and furniture placement. It’s about how you live — your daily routines, who you break bread with, how you spend a long weekend morning. And it looks different for everyone.

Home is the places that speak to your soul, the people that make you feel like you’re where you need to be, and the journey you took to get there. Home, or the space you live in, is really just the perfect setting for your story to unfold.

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Design Services.

I love working with local and remote clients to design thoughtful spaces made for you and your lifestyle. Whether you need a living room for entertaining, a cozy bedroom, a functional entryway (or all three!) I'll design a custom space just for you. I offer a variety of packages from 1:1 consultations to full-service design.

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Thoughtfully curated goods and antiques for modern living. I believe in slow décor — pieces intentionally made and purchased that will become tomorrow’s heirlooms.

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