Published Photography 

“Stanford’s Bernie Roth recommends a bias towards action” by Christina Dong, Stanford Report July 7, 2015

Make Space: How to Set the Stage for Creative Collaboration by Scott Doorley and Scott Witthoft, Wiley & Sons 2012

"Forget B-School, D-School is Hot" by Melissa Korn and Rachel Emma Silverman, Photography by Alison Yin, The Wall Street Journal, June 7, 2012
(My student photo wall project was featured as a photo in the article.)

Is Marriage for White People? How the African American Marriage Decline Affects Everyone by Ralph Richard Banks, Dutton 2011

“Greed is Not Good: Silicon Valley’s New ‘Spirit of Generosity’” by Asher Moses, Sydney Morning Herald December 2011

“A Growing Community of International Scholars” by Randee Fenner, Stanford Lawyer Issue 83 November 2010

"A Perfect Day in Kent Denim" by Michelle Ruiz, SF Indie Fashion, September 19, 2010

Various Projects for: Flory Photo, Stanford, Stanford Law School, Google


Published Written & Creative Projects

Creative Direction, Editing & Photography: The Front Porch, Redwood City, 2015

Creative Direction and Content Curation: Stanford 2025 Project, 2014

Creative Direction and Content Curation: StoryViz: Storytelling and Visual Communication Studio, 2011

Website and social media channels: Stanford website, 2011-2015

Article: “Law School Grads Urged to Use Discretion and Compassion” Stanford University News June 2010

Article: “Law-in-Film Review" Stanford Lawyer Issue 82 May 2010

Article: SLS Students Helping Haitians” Stanford Lawyer Issue 82 May 2010

Content Curation: Identity Wall Art Installation in the William H. Neukom Building at Stanford Law School 2010

Production Associate: Stanford Lawyer 2009-2010

Features Editor: Website and company blog at Swivel 2007-2009

Content and Curriculum Development: “Travels With Music” at Listen for Life 2007